I ordered a grand slam and with my grand slam I ordered double bacon and double "wheat toast dry". When my order comes I was given hash browns which I did not order at all, only 2 bacon strips and 2 wheat toast and 2 white toast I then told the hostess that I did not order this.

She replies saying that I did that they can not help me.

I hope they take my compliant into consideration and they do not hire employes that have no idea what they are doing. That is my review on my recent gist to Denny's.

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Andalusia, Alabama, United States #658831

I would have told her wrong order no pay. Then I would have helped her to wear the ***. :grin

to captaindon53 Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #658868

If you had done the last thing, you would have had an assault charge against you. Sometimes, it doesn't pay to be macho.

The person, could have refused the order, and left. However, if you eat the order, you have to pay.

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