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Update by user Feb 02, 2016

I contact Denny's corporate Office an was greeted with warmth an respect by lady taking my complaint. She said she would be sending me out some coupons and forwarding complaint to owner at that Denny's location. I wanted a full refund but did not request one at the time of call.

Original review posted by user Feb 02, 2016

On 2/1/2016 , Time:12:55:04 PM, Ck# 612769 my daughter and I ordered 2 Lumberjack Slam for $21.98, 1 coffee for $2.19 and 1 grapefruit juice for $2.79 a subtotal of $26.96 with $2.20 sales tax. Check Total was $29.16 At the Denny's in the Fiesta Casino located at 2400 Rancho Drive.

Las Vegas, NV. Our server was Berenice R. while my daughter was giving Bernice her order as my daughter was talking to her she kept turning her back on my daughter, cutting her off during her order, and appeared agitated for some unknown reason. My daughter had to tell her a few times, while still giving Berenice her order, I am not finish ordering because Berenice kept turning her back to my daughter and began trying to take my order (my daughter is grown) and highly offended both my daughter and I by behaving that way.

At this point she quickly tried to tell my daughter what she wanted rather than listen to my daughter telling her what she wanted. Berenice kept saying to my daughter you want to get a drink first my daughter kept saying no I want you to listen to me I am hungry and I want to eat not drink anything, please just listen to me. Berenice finished up my daughter's order then began to take mine and again she appeared not to want to be bothered with taking my order so I just said you know what just give me what my daughter ordered just to keep things simple but please bring out a grapefruit juice and a coffee and Berenice said ok she would. I am was thinking ok maybe things about to head in positive mode then Berenice brought my coffee to the table and quickly walked away.

I took a big sip of my coffee and choked off alot of coffee grinds, my mouth was full of coffee grinds so I spit it out on the paper mat in front of me and the mat was covered in coffee grinds. I looked across the room and had noticed Berenice had a half grin on her face and I got mad because what was she finding so funny that she had to try to control her smile which made a half grin on her face. I had seen another Denny's worker busing tables so I called her over to our table and showed her the coffee grinds I had spit onto the paper mat and had also told her of Berenice's behavior towards my daughter and I and how my cup of coffee was full of coffee grounds and how my daughter and I were feeling offended by Berenice's rude behavior towards us and how I believe that Berenice may have put those coffee grounds into my cup of coffee in an effort to attempt to seek revenge for my daughter asking her to please stop telling her what she wants and to listen to what she is trying to tell her she wants to order. This lady cleaned up the table, brought me out a fresh cup of coffee and she apologized to both me and my daughter for our experience with Berenice.

My daughter went and told either the manager or another Denny's worker that she did not want Berenice back at out table due to her rude behavior towards us. From time to time while my daughter and I ate I would look up and notice Berenice half smiling and walking quickly towards which appeared to be a hallway entrance or an employee entrance of some type. Then she quickly walked past our table and I told her about my cup of coffee that she had made me and she said no, maybe it was already inside the cup then she put that half grin back on her face and quickly walked away from our table. I finished up my food and went up to the front to pay my check.

There was a man standing in front of the cash register so I asked him could I speak to the manager and he said he is the manager so I told him I was very upset and feeling disrespected by his worker Berenice and explained to him in full detail what happened, her behavior and how based on her behavior I believe she may have deliberately put all those coffee grinds into the cup of coffee she had made me because I had frequent the same Denny's many of times and have not once experienced such disrespect and belittling by any of the workers at that location and he said that Bernice has been working at this location for 2 to 3 years and I said to him that I had never seen her before.

And I asked him what was his name and he said Chris so, I told him that I was going to tell anyone who would be willing to listen about what happened at this Denny's location and asked for the number to corporate Chris said he doesn't have a corporate number and said that I could put my complaint on the Denny's survey. And I googled Denny's corporate office number for myself and now have it and I plan to let corporate know exactly what happened at this Fiesta Rancho Location.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dennys Restaurant Manager.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

I didn't like: Worst service ever received, Customer service stinks.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1263938

for the managers there company gets I'm not surprised .

Hugo is the worst general manager Dennys at Fiesta rancho has ever seen the .he talks disrespectfully to his employyes and makes inappropriate comments and he shows inappropriate favoritism


Wow, and you have a grown daugjter..I sure hope she has better manners ..sometimes the happens..I got tea grounds where I go to get tea. I just took it back and got another.

It happens, it's life and no one is perfect. maybe she had a bad day??

Do you ever have a bad day?? I hope corporate blew you off about this because it sounds like a piddley complaint ..and the whole "half smile" thing...sometimes you have to put on a smile on the outside while you deal with nut jobs because you can't just tell them about themselves as much as you want too.


Why would you go to Denny's when there are hundreds of outstanding restaurants in Vegas? Very bad plan.

to Anonymous #1105311

Hello Anonymous Writer,

I had eaten so many times at the exact Denny's location and never once, before that day, had any bad experience there with either their workers or their food and I always appreciated that their food portions seemed to be larger than other Denny's that I had visited. This is why I was so shocked that my daughter and I had received such belittling and rude service there. Yes, I do agree that it turned out to be a very bad plan indeed and unfortunately my worst restaurant experience EVER, thank you for your feedback it was greatly appreciated.

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