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Thanks September 9th about to befriend and I went to Denny's in Brooklyn on Pennsylvania Avenue and it had to be one of the worst experiences I've ever had there was about eight waitresses and I went to the kept walking around with Attitude there was a couple next to us that had two tables and it was about 10 people and me and my friend next the next tape on my friend ordered a big breakfast I load the *** number check who sat there for 45 minutes and when the food came everything was called my friend was so hungry he ate this it it was cold but I got to eat I'm a diabetic so the people that was sitting next to his received a food like 15 minutes before us and they were complaining very much and they just said they just came from California and as they drove from California to New York all I ate was at Denny's and they never experienced something like what they did today that day so to push it along I called the manager they called the manager to manager to $30 off of that time the manager took my mail off and gave me the m and bring me two eggs as to bring someone else by which was came over I explain to her what was going on she suggested they took it off I'll take you food so someone else probably some more eggs that my waitress came over and heard what was going on so when the manager walked away and she try to take my food because she felt since she took it off that I shouldn't have to pay but I said no I've been here for 2 hours what are you talking about let me get some in my system and I ate the pancakes and a fresh eggs someone really needs to check into the store egg should be cooked first this should be cooked last if the meat is pre-cooked throw it in the microwave and warm it up just don't throw it on a plate and said here because I'm in your store

Review about: Dennys Restaurant Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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