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On July 15, 2008 my son went to wash his hands in the bathroom of Denney's Resterant in Madera,CA he slipped on the wet floor, hit his head knocked him out for a second. hit his front teeth on the sink and knocked out 5 teeth!

His friend took him to emergency himself. I arranged the dentist the next day. There was a report made. The blood had to be moped up.

It has cost $5,000.00 to fix these teeth. The manager who was not even there said too bad!

Wondering if main office ever even got report.

Review about: Dennys Restaurant Manager.

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Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #46740

How do we know that the mother is telling the truth. Perhaps the son is a victim of child abuse and lost his teeth when his mother smacked him across the mouth.

Perhaps the mother wants to both cover that up and at the same time make Denny's pay for what she did herself. Or perhaps she needs to talk to the friend and see if he was involved in the "accident."


I think that it was and accident and that no one is at fault. Even if they did have a sign (which I'm assuming they didn't seeing as it would be *** for you to blame them if you did) I don't think anyone pays a whole lot of attention to a wet floor sign so why do you have to blame people?

They have to mop becuase if they don't then people will whine about the bathrooms being dirty. It sucks that your kid lost teeth but why play the blame game?

Ornskoldsvik, Vasternorrlands Lan, Sweden #41556

Actually I would talk to Denny's again - call their headquarters with the managers name, if an employee had slipped on the floor, they would have gotten workers comp ( I know- it's happened to me twice at my last job- apparently it was too hard for maintenance to put up a wet floor sign after mopping). If the floor was wet on their negligence without a 'caution wet floor' sign's their fault.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #36873

wow - even an adult can fall on a wet floor. Also from the username :teeth mom", I am pretty sure this is the mother.

However this could have happened anywhere. The child could have slipped on your floor at home or something.


If your son is old enough to go to the bathroom by himself, he should learn how to walk on a wet floor as well as a dry floor. Be prepared for your environment.

You are his father. Therefore you could have given him instructions on a possible encounter with wet floors at busy restaurants that stay busy trying to feed you. I say you should pay the $5,000, dad! Wait a minute.

You did. Case closed.

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