We went thru main door in front as we noticed some Hispanic men working with a torch (usually used to burn weeds in our yard) on the roof of the entrance. My Daughter, Son-in-law, my Granddaughter, and I were seated almost immediately into the first booth on the right of the door in a corner.

An Asian looking family were then seated just to the inside of the restaurant next to our booth. About five to ten minutes past giving our orders to the waitress, we smelled like an electrical smoke smell. Our server then yelled out for everyone not to worry and remain seated. Then the lights in the front of the restaurant went out.

Most of us remained seated as the server told us once again it was still okay to stay seated. Then smoke got thicker and was looming over the head of a man behind the counter. Thats when I looked out and up from the window right next to me. The thick smoke was brownish yellow, and black and white looking coming out from under the entrance at the top side of the building.

The manager was pointing and yelling up to the men on top of the entranceway. Someone brought out a fire extinquisher from a vehicle. People were still sitting although noticebly worried. My daughter stood up and walked near the front entrance area and she said loudly that people were *** if they did not get up and get out.

She said this place is on fire. It was then when everyone stopped eating and looking around. Everyone got up and made their way to the front door. I forgot my scarf, jacket with small present for my daughter in the booth.

This was my daughter's 40th birthday breakfast. I never thought to go back for my things. I was too frightened. Maybe if someone with the restaurant would have told us sooner to get out instead of the confusion I would not have left so quickly.

I have loved that restaurant through its many years.

I will miss it. I also hope that someone from Dennys will contact me to help me justify the confusion via at treereader@yahoo.com

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