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We came in to the resterausnt at around noon time on August 26' 2012. The waiter gave us the menus and took our orders for coffee and drinks. When he came back to take our lunch orders, he slammed

the drinks and coffee onto the table, the coffee spilled out of the mugs. He then asked me what I want, I told him that I liked to order "Florida Sunshine Salad", he said"what?" So I had to tell him what I want again, My impression was this guy was'nt friendly at all. And he asked what my husband wanted to order in very harsh voice, my husband asked him about what kind of sides they had to choose, this guy started to show unwillingness and impatience on his facial expression. WHAT IN THE WORLD, THIS BAD ATTITUDE HAPPENS IN A TRADITIONAL AMERICAN RESTAURANT CALLED "Denny's"?

Had we as customers done anything to him? We were just went in and sat down at our table. We didn't say anything or done anything. What kind of attitude this is? If this keeping on happening, I'm sure he is going to put Denny' out of business soon. This happened in DENNY's at the location of Mission Blvd and Warm Springs Blvd in Fremont, Ca. this incident make us so upset the whole day and we had decided not to go back there. We'll also tell our family and friends not to go to there anymore.

"We were treated so badly out of blue", and we are still couldn't figure out why. At the end,

my husband still gave them some tips as a nice person he always is.

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