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Sunday morning bliss...the sun hitting my face as I wake on the couch, a concoction of sweaty leather and skin joining together in harmony. I was excited, truly excited.

The prospect of oil infused hash browns and Uber sweet pancake goodness possibly radiating joy throughout my mouth in the coming hour delighted me. Sadly, to my dismay, upon receiving my meal (carry out), and trekking home in my vehicle, I realized that half of my entire order was absent. Astonished at the constant putrid customer service this establishment continuously churns out, I was angered, but not at the Denny’s corporation. Not at that specific restaurant.

Not at the cooks who received my order.

Not even at the foul and parsimonious character of the rude and imbecilic manager, of whom is paid, not to know the contents of his restaurant’s menu, but to simply stand at his position and receive phone calls from customers in my exact position. I am angered with myself, for being swindled by such a horrid establishment, and having faith in their ability to read a screen, take down my order, relay that to the cook, have the cook complete my order, have it bagged and ready to go, and look me straight in the eye and, at their own accord, willfully assure me that my entire meal for three, costing me $27.36, excluding the $2.97 for hash browns that I had to drive back to the restaurant to get as they supposedly did not come with my meal (as the online menu clearly counters), was correct.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dennys Restaurant Manager.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Don't quit your day job.


Didn't it occur to you that your To-Go bag was extremely light? Or were you too busy looking up fancy words in the dictionary that you failed to open the bag and check your order before leaving the restaurant?


Your verbosity is inspiring although I am unaware of reference to anything but degraded biological material as "putrid" .

How could you have blissfully exited the drive through lane unaware that fully 50 per cent of your order was not present ?

I hope you will remember this episode of opportunity combined with negligence the next time you utilize an ATM or drive up teller window ; count the money.

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