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Update by user Jun 13, 2018

OK, here's what I wrote directly to Denny's. Hi, first I'd like to make clear that the staff and manager were VERY pleasant and tried to accomodate me.

However, I do have a complaint in that your ordering system is totally inflexible... I ordered your "build your own appetizer" plate; since all we really wanted was the excellent cheese quesadillas, I just ordered three of those. However, I wanted sour cream and pico de gallo to go with them, and they were NOT an option. Please understand that I was offered the sauces that the computer program allows (ranch, bbq etc) and that I didn't want anything EXTRA, just to have the freedom to substitute two sauces for the allowed three...

the poor manager could not figure out how to do this, and although she wanted to do it, she just couldn't, and was afraid to buck corporate policy. I was pretty frustrated, and wrote an irate review on "pissedconsumer.com" (#1278675). (I think maybe I didn't explain it well, and I did go back and update it.) (And PLEASE do not fire anyone over this!!!!) However, I DO feel that you need to allow some more flexibility to your local staff. I understand that you can't give away condiments and stay in business.

But I also feel that you need to take into account local tastes and desires.

Especially when you are the "new guys" in town. Anyhow, please respond.

Update by user Jun 13, 2018

I am adding this after being chastised by a couple of readers, and maybe rightfully so. I want to make it clear that I didn't ask for any "freebies," just a substitution of stuff that actually cost less than the permitted things on the computer program.

It's NOT the extra $2 they had to enter on the ordering program, it's the inflexibility of the corporate decision-makers that upset me. I'd also like to make it even more clear that the employees were kind, and did their best to explain things. This is a really small town, and we are all used to dealing with locals. In fact, this is one of the first large franchises to ever come here.

And it's hard for us to get used to. But, OK, you're right, this wasn't the way to handle it.

So, I'm sorry. Please forgive me.

Original review posted by user Jun 12, 2018

We have been here many times, and always enjoyed ordering appetizers while we spent time at the casino (this Denny's is located in the beautiful and historic Hotel Nevada). Never a problem; we'd get nachos or quesadillas, and the helpful staff would give us pico de gallo or sour cream as desired.

Today, when I ordered quesadillas, I was told they are no longer on the menu. However, since they are an option on the "build your own" appetizer special, I ordered all three to be quesadillas. THEN the trouble... when I asked for some sour cream and pico de gallo to go with them, the unfortunate (new) manager informed me that each one would be an additional fee.

When I told her that we had always been given these choices before, she told us that it's no longer the policy to be able to add on ANYTHING that is not in the computer program. I told her that since we weren't asking for any other kinds of sauces that "come" with the quesadillas, I thought it was a little unfair to charge for something as simple as pico and sour cream... She told me that she simply could NOT make any changes or decisions like this. Upon reflection, I told her, that as nice as she was, that we would no longer be ordering anything from Dennys.

What a silly, micro-managing policy. Dennys has now lost our business over a few cents worth of sides... And please believe me, I will be letting everyone and everywhere know what kind of rigid, unaccommodating policies this chain promotes. I would like to remark that the manager was very unhappy at not being able to accommodate her customers, but was afraid to "buck the system." Sad.

Short sighted. STUPID.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dennys Restaurant Menu.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $12.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Diverse menu.

I didn't like: Total inflexibility and no way to customize choices.

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IF you go back, tell them to ring in ranch, and salsa, then go to the “sauces” section of the POS. At the bottom it will say “sauce/subpico” and “sauce/sub sour cream+” You will be charge .25 cents extra for the sour cream, unfourtably and there’s no way around that unless you fight it to have them take it off. Source: Dennys manager for 7 years.


If the minimal charge for sauces causes you to no longer come here and rant like that, then Denny's is most likely better off without you. Entitled A-Hole.

to Anonymous #1499338

It's the principle, sweetie. And be nice.

to cathy2house #1499395

Principles are for schools and not for you to stand on. I’m curious as to what principle you are attempting to stand on.

The fact that they have changed? The fact that YOU demand to have your way when they can’t do that anymore? Or how about the fact that you took the responsibility to bash innocent people? You DO realize that you probably have cost each employee their job there.

See he employees ar doing what their corporate masters have told them to do. No more substitutes, no more freebies. But the simpletons upstairs won’t admit that they told them that. Instead they will fire the whole crew and start over.

Must be niceTo know that your principles ONLY cost other people their job and all because you are too cheap to buy the sauces. Things change, you did. You used to have a bit more common sense. I have found that any time someone says they are doing something for the principle of it dont have a leg to stand on.

They KNOW they are wrong but are just to stubborn to admit the defeat. They MUST win. In this case you have lost your maturity due to acting like a child. You lost the ability to make choices based on fact.

Such as them telling you IT COSTS MONEY FOR DIFFERENT SAUCES. And you have lost what I can only assume is your credibility, mainly because your post is you just whining about differences in time and space. They USED to do X. They USED to do Y.

NOW they do this and that’s different and bad. I would suggest using that brain of yours but you needed that as a booster seat on your principle.

I would suggest growing up but we can tell your an old windbag. Thankfully you will eventually pass away

to Durpa #1499447

OK people, let's tone it down a bit. I don't know whether to laugh or cry...

maybe a little of both. You made your point. And I may be an old (well, not quite THAT old) windbag, but to wish death upon me seems a bit cruel.Reading what I wrote, I can see that I am at fault for not making very clear that I merely wished to substitute sauces for the three ones that came with the order. I do indeed understand that they cost money, but honestly, the stuff I wanted was actually LESS than the published cost of the three sauces on the menu.

It's NOT the money. It's the lack of flexibility. And the lack of respecting a local manager's ability to make decisions.I have learned a big lesson here. And that's to listen to Thumper's mother; "If you can't say somethin' nice, don't say nothin' at all." I would be devastated to find that I had cost people their job over a corporate decision.

That's why I'm going to add a note saying that I did NOT intend to get freebies, merely subs, and that the local people are great. I still think that Denny's needs to be a bit more flexible. (If I could withdraw this review, I would. Unfortunately, the site won't let me do that.

Another lesson for me, DON'T post when I'm annoyed, wait till the next day and think it over first!)So, I am truly sorry that I came across as an old windbag. I didn't mean to.

And yes, maybe I do need to grow up. And hopefully I won't pass away before that happens.

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