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You remodeled your Hebron Indiana store and it's nice. I go almost every day.

Good service. But your blowing it! Friday night at 12:00 midnight you had 30 customers. Only one trucker.

Should of been many more. Thursday you were out of grilled chicken, taters, and roast. This is NOT unusual. You run out of ice cream weekly!

Ice cream don't go bad! I am a business man and have talked with corporates made a suggestion about a larger TV. You did it! Truckers during the day like it.

They order more. Stay longer. Many others sitting up front do too. They watch the news.

Primarily fox. I've seen truckers mad when CNN is on. Personally I don't care. But they apparently do.

Who's this Charly lady that runs around pissed off and unfriedly? Manager im guessing. You corporate guys came in after remodel and cared. Impressive and kind too.

You put too much money in that place to be consistently running out of food and deserts. It's getting much worse. Crazy worse. You have a nice establishment, good servers, and cooks.

But keeping food in stock, not happening.

You are loosing customers. You should be gaining customers in the locals especially.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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