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1:12 am asked for a lot of cream & sugar was told sugars there, no name tag, hair up in bun, skinny white female, texting on her cell phone, other customer sat 20 mins waiting and got served at 25 min.pregnant woman

People that came in 10 mins later than us got served before us

Coffee cups sitting empty 15 + mins only three tables of customers

Food in window more 10+ mins so far

Waitress ignoring us when we are trying to let her know

When approaching waitress about raw eggs on plate she stated, so how do you want them. Stating oh ok you wanted medium over easy actually those were over sleazy, see photos got served at 1:55

Enclosed you will find photos ...

Review about: Dennys Restaurant Coffee.

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On her phone = none of your business.Other customers wait time = still none of your business.

Others got food before you = not the same orders.

Some food takes longer to cook than others.

"Coffee cups sitting empty 15 + mins only three tables of customers" NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

"Food in window more 10+ mins so far" NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS

"Waitress ignoring us when we are trying to let her know" DOES NOT WANT YOU TELLING HER HOW TO DO HER JOB.

"When approaching waitress about raw eggs on plate she stated, so how do you want them.Stating oh ok you wanted medium over easy" THEY LOOK LIKE OVER EASY.

to LadyScot #1289689

And when it came time to tip, I hope the OP did not leave one.I bet you the waitress would find THAT to be her business.

Geez, what is wrong with you? You are about the most negative person I've ever encountered online.

No matter what the complaint is about, you find fault with the letter writer.You must have some sort of mental issue as no on in their right mind can be that negative all the time.


It's okay I'm on your side!!I expect 5 star service from Dennys at 0100 too!

Plus, if I'm treated this way I place a dollar bill in some water, take a menu to cover the glass, flip the glass on the table and slide out the menu. This is her tip. She gets a dollar and a mess to clean for poor service.

Always remember you're in charge, not her.Be alpha not beta.

to tangow616 Orlando, Florida, United States #1192395

You are just an ***.


Since you point out the waitress is "skinny white" and you want a lot of sugar and cream and others were served before you, I gather you are a fat black.considering the time, probably on your way through Mountainview to East Palo Alto to score.


What are you doing up so late, surely at your age this is way post your bedtime. You got what you ordered. Perhaps have mommy cook for you next time since you are fussy.

Shrewsbury, New Jersey, United States #914111

eat the dam thing and shut up

to ark #924306

Great insights from both of you!!

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