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Denny's didn't go very well with me for a first time customer. This was the first and last time eating here in North Charleston (ASHLEYPHOSPHATE Rd).

How bout I paid for my food with a credit card. The waitress ask if I was tipping on my credit card, and I replied "no" as I reached in my pocket for cash, (because I didnt have enought cash for the meal). She's gonna yell out "no tip" as she walked to the register. Costumers turned at me & frowned.

With cash in my hand, I felt embarrassed. I should have given that waitress nothing.

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When she came back with the credit card, I would have said "I was going to leave a cash tip, but since you've announced to the restaurant that I'm leaving no tip, nothing is what you'll get.

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous Toronto, Ontario, Canada #792052

Right on, and you should have said it just as loud as her.


What a horrid waitress. Make sure she sees this.

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous Toronto, Ontario, Canada #792053

Just use large font, post this letter along with her name and put at the end this is why you did not get a tip. Post the letter in front of the restaurant.

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