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My wife & I are senior citizens. When we entered Denney's there was no-one to seat us.

We waited & waited, but no-one came. All of the waitresses saw us, but they all ignored us. They would look our way & then shift their eyes away. Finally, one of them walked close to us and we asked if we could find our own seat.

Looking disgusted, she grabed some menu's. We told her we would like to sit at a half sofa & half chair table. She complained that we couldn't sit there because they were all dirty. She acted very disgusted that we were there to eat.

We told her that we would go to Bob Evans to eat, since it was too much trouble for her to seat us.

We used to eat at Flying j's 1 to 5 times a week & loved the food & service that we got. When Denny's took over it was big mistake. This is the first time we have written you, but we have had some type of problem. Either a part of our meal tasted like *** or a waitress gave us a problem.

We NEVER cause problems. We just enter, order, eat, pay & leave. The waitresses are all new. ALL of the Flying J's waitresses are gone.

These women don't know how to treat customers.

I doubt if ever come back & will tell everyone why. Apparently Denney's at 36-37 & I71 doesn't want our business.

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i feel u i waited 45 mins to eat left!!!!

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