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I an My Wife and Family and My Daughters Boy Friend we to Denny's for dinner. The Bill was over $60.00 for the 5 of us.

Well it took over 30 minutes for our food to come out, The Denny's personnel stated Oh sorry for the delay one of our cooks left early. That was no problem, it was when I checked out, I went to the register and showed my United States Marine Crop ID and then I gave the cashier my Check and then The 20% off coupon. They said oh no we can only take 1 coupon only, I said wait I only have one coupon, My Military is Military discount only it is not a coupon. They said yes it is a coupon.

I said I fought for your freedom and My Military ID is a Military ID and not a coupon. Let me tell you I had customers getting up from their tables coming up to the register and Cancelling their food orders and they are taking this up with the News Media. How dare you do a Veteran this way. On the coupon it does not say I can not use my Military ID along with a COUPON.

IT SAY ONE COUPON PER TABLE, PER VISIT Not Valid with any other coupon or Promotional Offers. NO WHERE DOES IT SAY I CAN NOT USE MY MILITARY ID. There is going to be a BIG DEAL GOING ON HERE from the way I was treated at this DENNY'S. Tonight the customers that heard and came up to the register is reporting this incident to the media, and I will also, I was really surprised at Denny's.

I can't believe this is the way that you treat Ex Military, and current Military this way. Boy My Daughters Boy Friend just flew in from Chicago and we went to Denny's. He said he will not be going to that Denny's again, Now he is here from Chicago for 3 days only to visit my Daughter, What an amazing experience it was. Well this was a wonderful evening, and I was so mistreated and Humiliated at your store # 8560.

Thank you for your time in this matter. Larry Pearson larrypearson01@outlook.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Dennys Restaurant Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $60.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Horrible customer service, Poor experience paying bill, Had to wait till someone came to front to cash us out, Waited for an hour.

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For all Dennys restaurant, you are only allowed to use one discount, military discount is between 10%-20% based on where you are located. A coupon is also a discount, it is not the cashiers fault that we cannot do more than one, that is the corporate and or franchise of that restaurant. Remember a coupon does count as a discount, all Dennys can only do one, next time you to Dennys, you will have to either choose military or coupon.Sincerely,Jordan YarboroughDennys Server/Host


Another person using their veteran status to get free/discounted things. Do you have no pride??

The discount is something they do out of kindness, it's not mandatory. You decided to join the military on your own behalf.

My bf is a veteran who would never demand a discount anywhere. He has pride for who he is and is a real man.


You were neither mistreated nor humiliated. You tried to double dip and they said no. Stop whining and man up.


Your military ID IS another form of promotional discount. Unless YOU think EVERYONE should give YOU a discount because YOU served.

Its NOT about mistreating a Veteran. It IS about YOU trying to stack promotions in order to PAY LESS!!! Then YOU become abusive to the poor worker!!! I guess YOUR military service some 20-30 years ago means MORE then the poor cashier and how THEY feel because of the ABUSE YOU directed at them due SOLELY to YOUR IGNORANCE!!!

YOU are just one of the reasons people just HATE to deal with Vets. Talk about SHEER IGNORANCE!!! We get it, YOU served but that doesnt mean that YOU deserve any more then ANY other citizen of these united states. People like YOU seem to think that just because YOU SERVED that somehow NEGATES the work that the people left behind HAD to do to keep America going.

Like the poor waitress who has to bust their rump for the measely $3 tip YOU leave. Or the poor mechanic who had to stay late and miss their family because people like YOU demand extra services.

While your service is appreciated, it DOES NOT give YOU any pass in todays society. The self-entitlment that some Vets show really just makes you wonder if they REALLY think that highly of themselves.


Boo hoo, you didn't get to use a coupon on top of your military discount. You're the one who decided to make it be about your military service, they just said you can't have two discounts at once, which is perfectly reasonable.

Whiners who complain about not getting enough free stuff from businesses that already operate on a thin margin?

And then take their outrage out on some minimum wage cashier? I fought for YOUR freedom, and I'm telling you to STFU.

Manassas, Virginia, United States #1296478

If this were my website, over half of the commentators here, especially this stup1d little twerp MakeMyDay, would be banned!

Dallas, Texas, United States #1292959

It is known as stacking savings.

I can use my AARP card, OR a 20% off coupon, but not both.

Same as the OP, you can use one or the other, whichever provides the bigger savings, but not both.

It has nothing to do with any Business being Anti- Military or against Senior citizens.

Fullerton, California, United States #1288451

I was not banned from any site, but you were for preying on kids.

to MakeMyDay2016 #1288543

Nice try loser but I have never been banned from any site! I have, in fact, been a moderator on two different consumer complaint sites though! Both of which you visited.

to Anonymous Fullerton, California, United States #1288733

Stop lying kid, I am not your boyfriend Kevin and you were banned for preying on kids sicko.

to MakeMyDay2016 #1289685

Oh knock if off Kevin. Everyone at this site knows you have severe mental issues.

Knowing this, I should probably just ignore you, except it really p*sses me off to see you bully innocent letter writers on here, who have no idea what a spiteful, lying nasty piece of S**T you are. GET STUFFED!

Ontario, Canada #1286757

One more thing I may like to add, I admit to having grammar errors and typos, but Kevin calls everyone out on their own spelling and grammar when his is just as bad. He harassed my then eight year old brother for spelling words like "hospital" wrong.

Ontario, Canada #1286749

You are Kevin Richards MakeMyDay2016. All anonymous did was say you were Kevin, he did not give a last name.

If you don't know anything about Kevin, you would not know that his last name, or the name he uses is Kevin Richards.

He only posted that you go by the name Kevin, not Kevin Richards, and I don't think your real name is even Kevin, you tried to impersonate Kevin From London England, then you tried to impersonate other people. If you are not Kevin, how come you know the other troll went by the name Kevin Richards?

to Zack2001 #1286787

Bingo!!!! You got him there! Id*ot Kevin is not as smart as he thinks he is.

to Anonymous Fullerton, California, United States #1288450

Again I notice the "two" of you posted at the same time. You are the one that has many accounts anonymous or Zack2001.

to MakeMyDay2016 #1288540

I have ZERO accounts here. I always post as anonymous.

You, on the other hand, always register an account and the reason you do it is because you want to track who is saying what in response to you. You do it because you are mentally ill and your only pleasure in life is this back and forth cr@p. I really should stop even addressing you because I don't associate with trash in real life so that policy should extend to the internet as well.

BTW: I am not "Zack" and I don't live in Canada. I am sorry that concept is too hard for your Ritalin filled brain to grasp.

to MakeMyDay2016 #1308261

Sorry dude we are not the same person. Paranoid much?


It doesn't say you can't use your drivers license for a discount either. They very clearly say you can't use any other promotional offer with it.

Big deal, so you were in the service.

So were millions of others including me, my brother and our dad. We do not expect any free stuff or discounts.

Remember, you volunteered.


to ransom Warner Robins, Georgia, United States #1286680

You are a ***, and that *** comment,"well you

Volunteered"' shows your complete bias. Military people want nothing but what is offered, as least that's been my experience

to Anonymous Fullerton, California, United States #1286738

Nope this person wants more than what is offered, and with his lack of intelligence I doubt he is being truthful about serving in our military.

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