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Just went to Denny's on 103rd and Stark St!!! It took almost 30 mins to even get water and menus once seated!

When we finally ordered all our food came wrong! Not only that....our utensils were sticky, red, and chunky....with some unknown substance! We asked for clean ones and those were dirty too! I complained to the manager and then got new utensils and those were the same...filthy!

At this point I was done being nice! I complained to the manager again and left without satin or paying!! I am normally not a complainer but this really ticked me off!

A health inspector would have failed them miserably! Also the waitress was swearing and the restaurant was NOT clean!!!!

Review about: Dennys Restaurant Manager.

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Why would you assume anyone reading your complaint would know where 103rd and Stark St. is located?

Are you self centred enough to think everyone will automatically know?

You also assume that the health inspector would fail the business. Did you bother to make a complaint to the local health department?

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #620890

You are so full of it, it is pathetic. You can't tell me that you got three different sets of silverware and they were all dirty.

Just doesn't happen. Did you bother complaining about the food, because if you had that would have been corrected. Do you honestly think the waitress would have been swearing and been able to keep her job? If you do, you have a major problem.

Can you tell us what the satin is that you left without? The only satin that I know of is a fabric. For your information health inspectors do inspect restaurants, grcoery stores, convenience stores and any other place that sells food on a regular basis and if a business doesn't receive a certain score they have a certain amount of time to get the problems corrected.

A lot of places put the names of the businesses and their scores on the city web site.

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