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The dennys in melrose park, il.. on north and 1st.

ave. is a dump..first we walked in and it took maybe about 10 minutes to get seated and they where not even busy secondly after an hour of sitting there all we had brought to us was our drinks.

really??..the employees there have no sense of urgency, they all look like they hate their jobs and the restaurant just looked dirty, our table was sticky and there was food under our table as well that we where steppin all over. so after someone finally came to say something to us it was our waitress saying that my good was given to another table, we walked out and went down the street to ihop i recommend people do not go to that dennys

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These nit-picky replies must be coming from a Denny's representative.


It's "WERE" not "WHERE". Learn how to spell please.


It's "WERE" not "WHERE". Learn how to spell please.

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