Mesick, Michigan
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In Green Valley AZ, Nov 20, 2012, the Denny's has the worst air quality of any restaurant I've been to in quite a while. While eating there four times this week, I've come home with breathing problems due to the fan, and filter, over the grill not working properly. This causes the smoke from the grill, to billow into the restaurant. Nice job Denny's, its been this way for a week. Food and service are good. I only wish the physical plant would match the milk shakes quality. Seems like Denny's needs to up grade its restaurants.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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You ate at Denny's FOUR times in one week? Yikes.

You should probably worry more about your cholesterol and triglycerides than anything else.

There are SO many other, BETTER, restaurants. This shocks me.

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