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The other night my fiance and i went to dennys for dinnermost of the time they have good food and good customer service the waiter had another table next to us and he always made sure that they got everything they needed and it felt like he totally ignored us my fiance and i numerous times had to ask more than once for things my fiance tried to get the waiters attention and he just walked by us.

This went on for sometime and finally i asked my fiance to get the manager the manager came to the table and we stated that we were vewry ubnhappy we ended up that we got a free meal out of it .

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Kirbyville, Texas, United States #436550

I am very angry. I was hoping after contacting this site and complaints board and facebook that I would get more free meals.

I got two free meals at Applebees one for complaining in store in person. Another for complaining on planetfeedback. I love these sites, you get free meals and you don't actually have to go to the restaurant. Why I posted a complaint about Olive Garden, I have never even went to the restaurant.

I just made a complaint. Sure enough they sent coupons for a free meal. Not all companies do this though which is a shame.Tasha the waiter won't get into trouble. Most likely the manager will find out the truth after I leave the restaurant, by that time I got my meal free.

Also their head office does not have time to check it the incident happened or not. If you simply tell them that unless you get something in form of a gift card or coupon you get a free meal. My fiancee taught me this. My parents don't approve of him and don't want to marry him but they can suck his *** when I am done with him.

They know 90 percent of these complaints are false and can afford to give free food away. I have had 10 free meals from 7 restaurants because I made up complaints which were not true.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #436544

"Actually I lied about the slow service. I just wanted a free meal so I lied about being ignored.

But hey I got a free meal out of it. :grin"

You are very selfish. Do you realize that this could have cost the waiter to get into trouble because you cannot afford to pay for your meal.

Seriously get a job instead of lying and putting other peoples jobs at risk to get free food. You two scamming losers found each other.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #436540

Actually I lied about the slow service. I just wanted a free meal so I lied about being ignored.

But hey I got a free meal out of it. :grin


I feel for you and working for dennys yes we enjoyed our free meal and i also posted on there facebook page and got a response from them to call the eight hundred number to make it up to us


I'am from Fl, I feel for you! I used to work for denny's had that been me you would have gotten far better treatment then that!

Sorry to see you gotten bad experiance.

I quit working there since i have not gotten paid in 3 months from the time they opened up a new store on 66th street since then has been shut down for not paying there employees about 9 yrs ago or so. Hope you enjoyed your free meal you deserve it!

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