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i visited the texascity restaurant on 5-3-11 at 2;00 am/my server had such a big mouth in speaking to other employees i almost got up and left.she had a mouth ring and aeveral earrings in her ears,her appearance definitely fit her big mouth.she look like she came from the ghetto.i asked her what her name was.with no response as she walked away.when did dennys begin to let their employees look so ghetto as this woman did.i remember the nice clean unoforms and neat hair.come on dennys i am sure you can do better than this.the food was great but the service from this woman was terrible.i ended up with a stale glass of tea and the dessert was worse than that.i will not visit this dennys ever again.would rather drive the few extra miles it would take for another dennys with better looking and more mature employees.

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