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My husband and I Had been driving all day, my husband is a truck driver, and we eat at Denny's a lot, we finally stopped for the night for our dinner, it was 11:30 pm there was one table with customers and we waited 20 min for someone to notice we we're waiting , finally we we're seated and the waitress Lynn D. Came over to our table and started taking our order and began by rushing us and being very rude and short tempered when we we're not fast enough, or asked questions, she said she was already behind ( only two other tables had been seated since we we're) she was quite rude, once our order was placed, we did not see her again until she brought the food which she got all wrong, when I told her my husband ordered toast not English muffin, she got angry grabbed a hot plate and stormed off, before I could tell her what was missing on his plate which was all wrong, instead of dealing with her rude behavior I just asked for the manager, the cook came to us and apologized ( she was not her fault) this woman ( Lynn D) proceeded to stomp around and make a spectical of herself, she cut her eyes at me and I was not the only customer to complain!!

We enjoy eating at Denny's but lately the staff has been lacking in customer service skills, in many of your locations! This woman has anger issue!!

But we have seen other issues in many of your stores with the wait staff, standing around gossiping , eating on the floor, we had to wait for the hostas in Lowell IN while she ate, we we're sat in a corner and forgotten... We usually do not complain but lately this has been happening more and more!

Review about: Dennys Restaurant Waiter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It's a crappy low-paying job. Everybody's entitled to a bad day. Give her a break.

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