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Went to Denny's Union City for breakfast this morning and ordered a Slam Sandwich. When the sandwich came one side of it was totally burnt. Posting a picture of it.

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First world problem


So instead of sending it back or exerting enough energy and 3 seconds to scrape off the burnt portion, you decided to eat half the sandwich, take a picture and then post on here whining about it?

Did you also get some french cries with your order?

to Ricochet-Rabbit #896035

While he had french cries, I wonder did they give him cheese with his whine, and if he had a heart attack did they call the whambulance ? But where are you lately.

Miss seeing you on the food stamp post.

There are more low lives defending these people with the same load of BS, it is for a "special child" it is none of your business. blah blah blah


Wah! "I don't have a life so I am gonna *** about a burnt sandwich online in hopes of getting some kind of justification for my sorry facebook addicted life"

Meanwhile, starving children would do anything for that burnt sandwich.

Feel any better about yourself?

Fifty words huh? Take your fat, Denny's eating *** out and do something to make a difference in the world rather than complaining about nothing.

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