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Last night I visited Denny's in Key West, WORST MISTAKE I EVER MADE at the start of a vacation, already ruined my vacation experience!! I tried to send the following letter to corp last night but could not get the website to cooperate!

I just left a Denny's in Key West, the WORST Experience I EVER HAD. I WAS APPROACHED BY A SERVER AND TOLD I COULD NOT SIT IN A BOOTH. MAXWELL... WAS AT THE FRONT OF THE HOUSE, THE MANAGER TEASLA just argued with me the whole time. She made it clear that I was NOT welcome in her establishment and that she had faith that her corporate office would say the same. She went on to say how this Denny's was special after I told her that her host let me sit anywhere, and after I asked for a booth. Then another server said I was not welcomed there because she wasn't going to get a tip from one person in a spot she could have had more that one. I have never seen this kind of service and can't believe it happened to me. my first night to Key West. Now I'm outside talking to a *** when a server comes out and says its SLOW and they can't "Seat" their tables!! What the?????

The MOD was rude and didn't even want to talk to me. I am a retired veteran and if this is the way Denny's, which is supposed to be an American Institution like the US military, is going to treat service members then I'll be in touch with DOD Public Affairs at the Pentagon and recommend Denny's be put on the OFF LIMITS list of establishments for Service Members.

I've also incl a picture of how empty the restaurant was after 30 min. Another product of poor Customer Service.

Jim McKane, FMPRetired Area Restaurant& Theater Manager& Retired US ARMYSergeant First Class Mckanejim@gmail.com607-533-4257

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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #994031

DOD could give two craps less about your BS complaint. For someone who was supposedly an NCO you are a complete ***.

Give your phone number on line to complete strangers?

Not to mention whining because you can get your way. You, Sir, are disgrace.


The fact that you are a retired Vet doesn't have anything at all to do with your complaint. Most of the people that I know would feel you brought that up in the hopes of getting sympathy.

I think there is more to your story than you are telling us. First of all why raise a big stink about where you were able to sit? That sounds like something a three year old would do. Also why would this one incident ruin your vacation.

That statement also makes it sound like you are three years old. Also all of the things you claim to be retired from don't help your complaint any.

IF you were as smart as you think your are, you would know this isn't a web site for Denny's. You are on a general complaint site.

to Anonymous #985297

No sympathy for self entitled G I JOE?????????????

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