Gun Barrel City, Texas
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Live in a small town south east of Dallas. ( Gun Barrel City).

Ordered grilled chicken Caesar salad. Almost finish with it and I was chewing on something hard. Pulled it out of my mouth! It was half of a tooth pick.

Waiter finally came over I showed the half chewed tooth pick he got the manager. Manager " sorry those are the tooth picks we use on our burgers". That's it sorry I ate half of it. She then said I will comp your salad.

I said no your are comping the ticket. Not a big one just my wife and I. She just had an appetizer. She walked away and never saw her again.

Waiter came back and said manager was taking care of the salad. I said no she is taking care of the meal. He said ok and we left.

We will not be back! Can't believe the lack of concern the manager had that tooth picks from the burgers ended up in the salad.

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Why are you eating in a place like this and expecting something good. I Deserve It


Oh me, oh my! Not a toothpick!

Seriously, who gives a ***, you ***.

It's fiber.

You are probably one of those *** who complains about hair in their food and start going "ooohhh nooo it's RUINED. That hair has so many GERMS on it!"


Was there something wrong with your wife's appetizer? No?

Then why should you get that for free? The manager was perfectly gracious in comping your meal that had a defect. How you didn't see an ORANGE cellophane wrapped toothpick chunk in a predominantly GREEN salad is beyond me. I'm going to go out on a limb and say your situational awareness abilities (on a scale of 1 to 100) are less than the speed limit in most rural areas.

Also, here's a free protip: Aggravating management in a restaurant located in a town called GUN BARREL CITY might not be the most intelligent thing to do. But then again, I must digress to my first point on your situational awareness...

Congratulations on your immune system to intelligent thought. It has remarkable resilience!


How do you not see a toothpick in a salad? I could see if it was buried in a sandwich.


Did u at least tip the server? If not he just worked for you for free.

Maybe even paid for it if he has mandatory tip out percentages taken out.

If your server does his or her job then it should never be taken out on them for faults in the kitchen. The kitchen workers will still get their hourly wage and dont have to be in the frontline for abuse from pissed off customers.


You only think you ate half the tooth pick. If you had eaten half of it you would have felt it before swallowing it. You were able to feel the remaining half, therefore, it sounds like you are trying to get free food.

to anonymous Mabank, Texas, United States #949319

Listen we eat out several times a week. I am 46 years old and have never asked for a restaurant to pay for my meal.

This was a first and her reaction was like no big deal I will pay for the salad that was not enough.

It's not about a free meal!! It's about a object that is in my food.

to RC #949539

Get over it. It's Dennys. Just be glad that it was a clean toothpick and not a toothpick that was in someone else's mouth.

to Anonymous #981003

How is anyone to know where that toothpick had been? Think before you post.

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