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Patrons BEWARE !!

In Tehachapi,California--12:30 AM Tuesday September 21st--Traveling Bakersfield to Mojave , stopped at Dennys- spent $17.81 + $5.00 tip

Food "cook" obviously has had no training or food sense, at all. food was absolutely un fit to eat . I was served a cold, oil soaked omelet --discusting !! The gal server however was very efficient,courteous, with a good attitude and made every effort to please us. She was attractive and pleasant. In my opinion a fine employee. I gave a $5.00 tip, Paid my bill and left without eating. At a time when business in general is struggling, due to the economy, you'd think a manager could and would find a professional cook to employ in his business.

Will NEVER!! patronize another Dennys again !!! EVER !!

P. St. Phillip


Review about: Dennys Restaurant Manager.

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Thank goodness somebody realized the cook made the omlet and not the server!!

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