I took my daughter to Dennys restaurant in MT. Vernon WA I broke a tooth on their over cooked bacon and hashbrowns sent them an email several times and they just blew me off I couldn't believe it. Then to rub it in they go and remodel how rude can't offer compensation for my tooth that I'm having problems eatting and it was a good tooth tells me how much they really care about the concern of their customers I just feel like I was just a number to them the least they could of done was sent a letter or offer to compensate me, but no and I have saved the emails that I sent I will never eat there again

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I also have broke a tooth at dennys I had the chicken strips and broke a molar they don't care ive gone to the same denny's for years thought I had a good friendship there but I was wrong . the chicken strip was way overcooked it was hard.


How overcooked could bacon and hash browns be, in order to break off a "good" tooth? These two food items would have had to be extremely hard to cause a perfect tooth to break off.

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