New River, Arizona
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On buck Owens drive in Bakersfield. Smelled like throw up when we first walked in.

Floors a complete pig sty. No waiter ever came over. Manager finally did and got us drinks then we waited for 20 minutes and never got food. No body ever came to tell us how much longer.

Never came to refill drinks. Manager spent 15 minutes on the phone while two or three other workers stood and watched him. We finally got up and left after 25 minutes. Worst dennys ever.

Worst staff ever.

Worst manager. While there we heard many other patrons angered over same ***.

Review about: Dennys Restaurant Manager.

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The place smelled like puke and the floor was dirty. Why the *** did you even sit down?

You should have walked out and made a complaint here. I hope your drinks came out of the (probably) nasty, germ collecting soda fountain!


Of course there were. We were in Bakersfield.

Lol. But it wasn't just Hispanics.


Was there are lot of Mexicans working there??

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