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I have been going to Dennys in Las Vegas on Cheyenne and Losee for 2 years since I moved nearby. It got to the point where I was fed up with the service.

Managers texting on cell phones. Food delivered and no refills, horrible service. FINALLY a waitress who was exceptional. I became a a consistant customer and brought my friends and family.

They fired Jenelle the only Great person in that restaurant. She always joked, laugh and paid attention to her customers. I hear they fired her over a customer complaint.

Is this how Denny's treats their employees. Shame on you

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Why should they keep a server, just to suit you? More than likely there was more than one complaint about her.

Maybe she spent too much time joking and laughing with the customers, and wasn't getting her work done like she should. Servers don't get paid to laugh and joke with customers they get paid to work.

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