I observe Sunday as the Saboth. I went on Saturday to see if I could have my Birthday breakfast the day before.

The Manger named Arturo (Arthur) said no. No apology no nothing and he was a bit of a ***. This was at the Denny's on Nellis near Stewart in Las Vegas Nevada. So I'm not allowed a little flexibility because of my religious beliefs?

Thanks for nothing Denny's, guess I'll wait till next year. I wonder how other feel about this policy as well.

If you get one of these little invites they will not allow you any room on the date.

It MUST be on your birhtday or you get nothing at all.

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San Francisco, California, United States #737698

My religion says you should bend over and give me a million $. What?

no flexibility here?

lol. *** nut.


I understand you use Sunday to observe the Sabbath however there is a company policy for a reason. If you have dvr tv when they play the commercial about the free grandslam on your birthday pause it when the small disclaimer is on the bottom of the screen. It states that is has to be on your birthday no exceptions.

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