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I was a part of a party of 5 who went to Denny's Restaurant in Peculiar, Missouri for breakfast after a musical performance in a nearby city. It was the wee hours of the morning but there was only one other table besides ours at that time and they had already been served.

After sitting there about 10 minutes the waitress finally came to our table and took our drink order which fortunately we all ordered water. We sat there another 30 minutes waiting for her to come back and take our order, all the while watching her run back and forth attending to the only other table of customers in the place. Finally, out of frustration we all got up and walked out. We had no sooner got out the front door when the manager, accompanied by a police officer who happened to be in the restaurant, came out and accused us of leaving without paying.

Of course, we informed them that our order was never taken and all we were served was water which to our knowledge was still served at no charge. This was not the first problem we have experienced at this particular Denny's.

On another occasion we waited an hour after our order was taken for our food to be delivered. Needless to say we will never eat at Denny's again.

Review about: Dennys Restaurant Manager.

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Then again, money is money and service should be expected. Troll


You said "after a musical performance." I suspect all of you looked like a bunch of dirty, filthy, long-haired bums. Having had some experience with restaurants, I have no problem with them not serving you and wanting you out as soon as possible in case you scare away normal people. And, they were jerking you around by having the cop question you in the hope you got the message that your kind is not wanted there.


:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry

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