We went to go eat dinner at Denny's and they were cool at first, they took our drinks and later our order.

Well, we waited over an hour for our food and when the manager finally comes up to us asking, "Is everything alright?" We ask if the food is coming.

He goes and checks, and comes back out saying it will be ready in less than a minute. How long does it take to make some pancakes and eggs?? Keep in mind, a couple had gone to the restaurant AFTER us, and got their food first and left. We were still there.

Anyways, our food comes and it looks like it was done in literally one minute. My eggs were burned and greasy and full of black pieces of burned food that looked like bacon, which I didn't order. My mother's plate, had BLACK hash browns on one side and were greasy on the other, also with black bits of burned food. Her eggs were very, very runny and her pancakes were white and holey, instead of having that golden-brown color; they were uncooked in the middle.

My brothers plate looked alright enough, I guess because ours got all the dirtiness of the grill and mopped up the grease. I started eating my plate and it was not very good, in the end the manager kept apologizing and said we didn't have to pay for our food. But because of my mother's pride, she paid because she didn't want to people to think she was looking for a free meal.

In the end she got a discount, and three coupons saying she could have three free meals at any Denny's she goes. Never again to that Denny's.

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