We, a friend and myself eat at Dennys at least once a week. The last two timesthere, we have ordered their shrimp and rice dinner, and have been told they were out of rice.

The restaurant is on the same corner as Sams Club, if you are out of something, send someone to Sams to get it. I just can't understand a franchise as large as Dennys being out of something as stupidly cheap as rice.

Other customers got up and left, which is what we will do the next time, if ever we go there for a dinner.

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Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #48535

You have to be a member to buy something from Sams Club ***.

to Jason Tillo #887580

Agrees, and even if they have a membership they are not going to buy a bulk of rice just to feed one person who thinks she is entitled.

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