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1st visit - I brought my wife for breakfast. We were both served runny eggs (hers were sunny-side up and mine were scrambled)

2nd visit - My wife brought a coworker for lunch.

The coworker got food poisoning and puked before she could even leave.

3rd visit - Last chance! My wide and I ordered the turkey and stuffing from the new "Hobbit" menu. The turkey and gravy were served CHILLED! Honestly, the cranberry sauce was warmer.

I thought it was illegal to serve meat that hadn't been freshly cooked to a temperature high enough to kill Salmonella. We won't return!

Review about: Dennys Restaurant Eggs.

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The person that got sick before they could even leave the premises wouldn't have got food poisoning that fast. More than likely it was stomach flu that had been coming on beforehand.

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