My friends and I went to a local Denny's Diner branch in Sylmar, Ca. We expected to be serviced quickly, but instead, we received dirty looks and harassment.

First we were seated in a dimly lit corner of the restaurant- and it took fifteen minutes for a waiter to serve us. The diner was empty! Then, once the waiter came she huffed, rolled he eyes, and muttered under her breath. We heard her whisper, "cow," underneath her breath.

Then, we asked to move to a better booth. Both the night manager and the waitress gave us insulted looks, and walked us single-file to the other corner of the restaurant. Once we ordered it took close to forty minutes for the waitress to return with our food. Again, the restaurant was completely desolate.

Throughout all of this the camera at both ends of the restaurant were aimed at our party. We felt watched, like criminals. The manager was also seated at the other end, watching us. Then the food arrived.

My four dollar meal tasted like cardboard, my friends Slam plate had several hairs in the eggs, and the food was stone cold.

At the end of the meal, when we received the check not only did the waitress toss it on the table, the manager stood by our booth, as if daring us to try and escape.

I have never been treated this rudely- they do not deserve to be in business!

Review about: Dennys Restaurant Waiter.

Monetary Loss: $63.

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Tasha, it doesn't matter how much their meal costs. EVERY customer deserves to be treated with respect.

I just recently quit working at a Denny's because of how they treated me. I worked there for 3 weeks and they didn't add me to payroll so I never got a paycheck.

I was sexually harassed and ALOT of other BS things happened. I think DENNY'S should go out of business.


A photo of you and your mates might tell us a bit more of why they took a dislike to you. Or, would it break the camera lens??

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