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We waited about 15 minutes to order our drinks (coffee and mango smoothie)., after 10 minutes the waitress came by to take order without our drinks, she went to the kitchen to get it. After placing our order, 30 minutes passed by, we told the waitress if she can check our order.

She didn't come back to let us know how long for our food to be ready or if they are working on it, 45 minutes passed by and no sign of our food and even the waitress. The table next to us, which arrived a little after us and complained to the manager about their appetizer taking too long - the manager went to check it and got their food right away. Almost an hour of waiting, we saw the waitress again and told her that if the food is not here in 5 minutes - we are walking out of here - the waitress went to the kitchen and never saw her again. We paid for our drinks and walked-out of Denny's.

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER - we never walk-out of a restaurant before - this was the first. NEVER going back to any Denny's.

Review about: Dennys Restaurant Manager.

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Whoever wrote comment #2 - it was showing my username but that wasn't me. Just fyi, we are NOT black...we are white just like the table next to us. So, whoever you are - quit using someone else's username.

Tasha: first of all, we're not rude and if you got nothing to say about my complaint above just shut it.


RACE CARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #439889

urmom you dummy the reason they helped the other table first was not because they complained louder, but because we are black and they are white. You know how racist Dennys' can be.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #439888

With your rudeness I am sure she purposely took long so she did not have to deal with bratty little children such as you and your three year old friends across the table form you.


Sounds like the neighboring table was complaining louder than you. So they put their orders in ahead of yours.

Poor management on their part. I wouldn't blame the waitress, her job is so simple, take the order from you, then drop the little slip off for the cooks.

She controls nothing else. Blame the management & write a letter to Dennys corporate, but make sure to get the name of the manager on duty or it won't matter at all.

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