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I will never go back. My daughter and I went to eat about a month ago at a Denny's in Missouri.

We waited about 10 minutes for a server to come and get our drink orders. I told the waitress we were ready to order. She said she would be right back. 15 more minutes went by then she took our order.

She did apologize for the wait saying "It's been a crazy evening." I look around and there are only 5 other people dining here and there were at least 6 waitresses. Our food did not come to our table for 47 minutes! Mine was cold and my daughters was burnt. Must have been a problem with having no cooks or something but it was crazy to sit there for over a hour for food that didn't even taste good.

I will never go back, nor will my family or friends. Took 10 more minutes to get our bill. We almost just walked out but I wanted to set an example for my daughter not to leave without paying.

If I would have had cash I would have left some on the table and go. BAD BAD food and service!

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I sorry that happened to you. I work at the sedalia dennys and if you ever come down this way and want to stop by my name is lauri and I will give YOU my word I would never treat you or any of my customers that way.

I make sure I serve my customers the way I want to be treated.

That is unacceptable and you should have called Dentex corp. office.

to That was not right! #669279

Never mind, you can't come and see me cause the DM and the GM FIRED ME cause I did not want to work with an ABUSIVE manager and harassment on a daily basis at this place. Good luck getting any coffee or drink depending when you go there.

I guess when you stand up for yourself and file an EEOC complaint they fire you days later when your scared to go to work cause of all the abuse your forced to take or lose your job!

:eek See you in court DENNY"S!!!! By the way your employees deal drugs out of there and your managers yell at employees in front of the line!!!!

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