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Whent to Dennys in,Ferndale Washington for breakfast.

My husband orderd a Farmer's Skillet and a side of

"crispy" hashbrowns on both sides. I orderd the Moon

Over My Hammy and also requested crispy hashbrowns.

We both said we didn't mind waiting for the extra time

It would take for them to cook. Our food was deliverd,

NO CRISPY HASHBROWNS!!! I didn' t say anything to

Our waitress because we had already waited long enough

Just to get a glass of water . She never did ask us how our

food was. His skillet was so hot he needed a glass of water

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you shouldve gotten a side of spit with your food. if you pulled your head out of your *** you could see it was busy and they are understaffed.

too hot??? aawwww maybe next time theyll make it ice cold for the baby

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