Dennys Restaurant - Mistreated and Humiliated at your Denny's store # 8560.
I an My Wife and Family and My Daughters Boy Friend we to Denny's for dinner. The Bill was over $60.00 for the 5 of us. Well it took over 30 minutes for our food to come out, The Denny's personnel stated Oh sorry for the delay one of our cooks left early. That was no...
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Another person using their veteran status to get free/discounted things. Do you have no pride?? The discount is something they do out of kindness, it's not mandatory. You deci...


You were neither mistreated nor humiliated. You tried to double dip and they said no. Stop whining and man up.

I didn't like
  • Poor experience paying bill
  • Waited for an hour
  • Had to wait till someone came to front to cash us out
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