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I’m an African American, disabled veteran, and a CPA from Dallas, TX. My family and I ate in a Denny’s restaurant at 903 E Commerce Street, San Antonio Texas. My family has never been treated so disrespectful at one of your restaurants as we were treated on June 28, 2016. When we first arrived we waited to be seated. When a white couple arrived the manager came to sit them and could not ignore us at this point. We ordered water and waited... Read more

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Whose idea was it to switch to shot size glasses for water. Denny's in Huntsville, TX had awful service. Before they brought my food out the waiter took my water glass and said he was going to get me a pitcher. He never returned. When a different waitress brought out my food, I told her the waiter took my water and never returned. She brought me a tiny munchkin glass filled with ice. I asked what happened to my regular glass and she said they... Read more

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I currently work at a Dennys, located in Twin Falls, I am a very professional employee, I have no problems with any one, I keep quite and abserve. Well we have a new manager who is having sexual relations with a few girls at the restaurant, this is going on in and out of the restaurant, there is always fondaling, inappropriate talk comments and touching, this is becoming desscusting to see for employees and customers, there is no control over... Read more

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Restaurant filthy,waited over 30 min for breakfast at counter,lost order,manager and waitress had attitude,other people who came in after me were served b4 me.ileft because they couldn't give an answer.person next to me had uncooked food..very poor management.ive eaten numerous times at Denny's.i am a professional driver and been spending over150 dollars a week for last 5 more.i will give my business to other restaurants,that don't... Read more

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Took our orders from accross the restaurant. Vacumed the dinnong area the whole time we were there. Forgot our drinks.

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The booths were not wiped off. Food standing on table tops not cleaned off..The orders were not filled correctly. Hamburger ordered with special sauce and done well. but the meat was more like medium cooked. No sauce as requested. One chicken sandwich was ordered with mayo. The waitress had to be hunted down to get mayo, then it was given in an open contained which appeared to have been dished up with a dirty knife. There customer service was... Read more

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Mattoon il Dennys just opened. Went in dishes dirty dried food in creamer container. No hair nets or beard nets on kitchen staff. Waitress chewing gum and swing badge around. Manager very rude and servers rude also. Will never go back.

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I called the establishment from my hotel room to see if I could order a burger. The phone rang for 6 minutes and no one picked up the phone. So I stepped out of the movie that I was watching with my family to walk to the restaurant. I remained on the line as I walked to the Denny's and as I walked to the front counter, I heard the phone ringing. The following dialogue transpired: Erica (a waitress) said, to another waitress, "Just turn that ***... Read more

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On 6/14/2016 at 12:49 a manager in your stare located on Benning road, in NE Washington DC requested that myself and my company move from one location to another un the meddle of our meal. I have never been so insulted in my life, to be asked in the midle of my meal to move so that a cleaning company could clean ghe floors.

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